Stravinsky, Stockhausen, State College

Just began a 3-part tour of Stravinsky’s “L’histoire du soldat” and a fabulous septet (written for the same instrumentation) by Stockhausen, arranged by Caroline Shaw. ¬†After some lecture/demonstrations at several of Penn State’s classes, we performed on their Classical Coffeehouse and Performing Arts Series. Getting to know these iconic composers and these works in a new way is deeply inspiring (and sweat-inducing)…now it’s off to Washington D.C. to take the program to Dumbarton Oaks…hopefully the hurricane won’t sweep us away =)

Deep in rehearsal conversations @ Penn State
Deep in rehearsal conversations @ Penn State
It's devil time...Stravinsky "L'histoire"-style
It’s devil time…Stravinsky “L’histoire”-style

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